AC Milan just drew Cremonese 0-0 following Napoli with 8 points.

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AC Milan shot and shot again but were unable to find a pass into Cremonese net to secure a 0-0 draw in football Serie A on Tuesday.

The visiting team has a chance to win in the 23rd minute. Junior Messias throws the ball from the right into the penalty area, Braim Diaz hits the first post. But the ball does not enter the frame 

Milan almost got it again three minutes later, Ante Rebic passing the ball to Divock Origi Speed ​​into the penalty area before catching the ball and turning the ball over the right. But Marco Kernesec odd Use the leg to save it narrowly. 

36 minutes Milan had another chance, Sandro Tonali gave Malik Theo a high header. But Marco Carnesecchi Super save can fly quickly UFABET

Then it was Milan who found the opportunity, Junior Messias full instep on the left foot on the right side, Marco Carnesecchi. You still can’t miss it. Causing the end of the first half to always be 0-0

In the second half.

Milan sent the ball into the net in the 56th minute from the moment Origi received the ball from Rebic before firing into the penalty area. But the Belgian national team’s spearhead was in an offside position so he didn’t score a goal. 

In the 67th minute, Milan almost got it again, Ante Rebic half a half-open shot from the left. Teammates didn’t arrive. But Marco Carnesecchi Didn’t lose the rhythm, still frightened, flicked with one hand before the ball dribbled into the far post.

During the rest of the time, AC Milan was unable to score the desired goal even though it was full. Causing the game to end with only a 0-0 draw with Cremonese. Resulting in the red-black devils behind the leader Napoli up to 8 points.