Arteta tells the stray legs to relax Carabao Cup.

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta said at a press conference before the Carabao Cup third round match against Brighton (November 9). That the team is still focused on going all the way. So get the best outfit to finish the job in 90 minutes.

Over the past 43 days ‘ Cannon ‘ has hit more than 15 matches. Causing quite a bit of fatigue to the squad. But the 39 -carat boss insists on opening the Emirates. The final stadium before the FIFA World Cup 2022 break must focus on the ‘ Gooners ‘ UFABET

“ It was another match we kicked. But the purpose is the same. Play the best we can , win the game , get through to the next round. You know there’s no excuse so play very seriously. ‘ said Arteta the Spaniard.

“ We also created a competitive force to compete for the field. ”

“ I think everyone deserves a chance. Some positions will be changed for those who have been hard at work. But still focusing on kicking to win the game .

“ People who are less used will get the chance and make themselves feel part of the team. ”

“ It’s a positive that everyone is playing and feeling important . We ‘ve got two games left to break the World  Cup .

Asian Asian Handicap Arsenal 1/2 half , total score of two and a half triples -5