Christian Stellini claims that the queue is tight.

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Christian Stellini assistant head coach Antonio Conte has clarified Tottenham Hotspur’s lack of excitement. Because their regular schedule has limited their potential. And not just them but other football teams were hit by the same constraints that resulted in inconsistent form.

English Premier League teams that qualify for the European Club Cup have played one game every three days since October, resulting in a drop in players , even Spurs . -2-1 becomes a rather bland 3-5-2 lead to heavy criticism  UFABET

However , Stellini tried to protect the team so that the children would not lose their identity.  

“ I have had the opportunity to watch many football games in the past month. There are hardly any games that look exciting due to the many teams. Not only at the top of the English league But it’s all Europe – we play a lot of games , a lot of times, we have to save our energy. ” said Christian Stellini.  

“ Every team has had problems in the last five games, I don’t see a match that looks football exciting to everyone – maybe just a team that hasn’t played in the European Club Cup. ”

“ We can say that because we know how difficult it was to keep up the stamina over the past month. ” 

“ Even our rivals, Liverpool , who just defeated us, have problems. All teams are the same. ” 

“ Last match we had a great game. It is undeniable that it is exciting football. We are satisfied with the results. Maybe it doesn’t happen for the whole 90 minutes. But it happens with every team .  

Asian Handicap Carabao Cup third round visiting Forest for Spurs to continue . P.P. – 10, total score of two and a half triples -5