Josep Guardiola shuts down arrivals in January.

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Josep Guardiola manager of the Manchester City team used to announce the readiness before the Carabao Cup match against Chelsea (November 9). Notifying in advance that the January market will arrive. Wouldn’t buy anyone more, and in the case of Liverpool. The league’s competitors announced looking for interested parties to acquire the business. It wasn’t a business that interfered.

City have just announced their earnings for the 2021-22 season at £ 613 million with a profit of £ 43.2 million .  

But the 51 -carat boss won the brakes. Said everything in the team was perfect. Don’t look for it to make adjustments.  

” We are not going to strengthen our squad in January.” Guardiola said UFABET.

“ I will still use the strength that I have. we are satisfied with it All that . 

City are currently runners-up in the English Premier League , two points behind Arsenal, while the Champions League qualify for the round of 16 against RB Leipzig, so Pep’s focus is on the pitch. As for other powers Senior Executive Ferran Soriano is in charge .  

Another thing Josep Guardiola mentioned was the announcement of the sale of the ‘ Reds ‘ club. The Spanish boss did not want to comment.  

“ I am not the person you would ask such questions. would not be appropriate to answer on that issue. ” 

“ Myself is not the CEO. Just trying to be the best manager I can be. That’s really it, and of course I’m not referring to any other club . 

Manchester City competed for the league championship with Liverpool 3 out of 4 previous seasons, having won it twice (2019, 2022), sharing it with ‘ Reds ‘ once (2020) in 2021 , Jurgen Klopp ‘s team. broken body problem