Lewandowski is red! 10 Barcelona struggle to overtake Osasuna 2-1.

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Barcelona secured another superb win after just 10 men after Robert Lewandowski received a red card. But beat Osasuna 2-1 and left Real Madrid 5 score

The game started just 6 minutes ago, Osasuna took the lead 1-0 from the right corner kick that Ruben Garcia opened into the penalty area. David Garcia ran to strike back into the first post. 

In the 16th minute, the home side has a chance to win again. Moises Gomez passes the ball to Chimi Avila to shoot from the left in the left penalty area. But not framed UFABET.

Barca responded in the 25th minute, Ousmane Dembele passed the ball for Robert Lewandowski to shoot from the right in the penalty area but was saved by Aitor Fernandez. 

In the 31st minute. Barcelona had only 10 players left when Lewandowski, who had previously been yellow Got another yellow card. Turned into a red card after chasing a high ball before jumping heavily into David Garcia. 

At the end of the first half, Barca had a chance to win from Ferran Torres’ header and Ousmane Dembele’s shot. But still not a goal. Makes the end of the first half Osasuna lead 1-0

In the second half.

The smaller Barca were able to draw 1-1 quickly in the 48th minute. Jordi Alba opened the ball from the left into the penalty area. The home defenders crowded Torres, the ball flew into his path, Pedri ran into a shot from 12 yards and didn’t miss it.

The game was open for fun exchanges in the 69th minute, Osasuna was thrilled, Jon Mongayola opened the ball for Chimi Avila to shoot from the left flank, Ter Stegen had to push away. 

At the end of the game in the 85th minute, Barca came to a 2-1 lead from substitute Rafinha, who had just entered the field. Running through the defense line of the home team to tackle the open ball from the center of Frenkie de Young’s field, the ball sags over the head of Aitor Fernandez into superiority. 

Then, at the end of the game, Barcelona, ​​with just 10 men, beat Osasuna 2-1 to move five points clear of Real Madrid before the Royals play on Thursday against Cadiz.