Benefits of Eating Omega 3.

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Benefits of Eating Omega 3: People who eat fish or seafood tend to have a lower risk of developing many chronic diseases. There is no clear evidence that this effect is due to the consumption of seafood or the omega-3s contained in those foods. Researchers have studied the properties of omega-3 that affect health in various issues as follows:

Coronary heart disease Many studies have studied the health benefits of omega-3s. Coronary heart disease  It has been found that consuming fish and seafood that contain such fatty acids helps keep the heart healthy. Including preventing heart disease. This is because the body receives EPA and DHA fatty acids that help reduce triglyceride levels. UFABET This may include taking omega-3 supplements. However, there is no evidence that omega-3 supplements are the best at protecting against heart health problems.

Infant development and health Pregnant or breastfeeding women who eat about 220-280 grams of fish or seafood per week may help improve their baby’s health. Choose fish and seafood that are high in EPA or DHA but free of mercury. Such as salmon, sardines and trout. Some studies have found that omega-3 supplements help. Increase baby’s weight  and makes the baby stay in the womb longer. However, there is no evidence that taking dietary supplements containing EPA and DHA fatty acids during pregnancy or breastfeeding can. It will clearly affect the health and development of the baby.

Cancer prevention Some studies have found that people who get high amounts of omega-3s from food or supplements have higher levels of omega-3s. May have a lower risk of breast and colon cancer. However, further studies are still needed to confirm this conclusion. The properties of omega-3 that affect the risk of other cancers are not yet clear.