Health benefits of eggs.

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In addition to the dangers of eating eggs, which has become a misunderstanding in the past. The health benefits of eggs have also been discussed in treating or preventing various diseases. There is still very little information on the study. Most are still vague and it is not clear how well eggs are able to prevent or cure these diseases.


 The source of this benefit of eggs may come from the publication of a study that studied the link between eating eggs and the risk of stroke and heart disease. It was found that compared to the group that ate less than 2 eggs per week. The group that ate about 1 egg per day had a 12 percent lower risk of stroke, which is considered a relatively small number and not statistically significant. It might just be an experimental error UFABET

The study also cannot confirm or explain how the reduce risk of disease is related to the number eat. It was also found to be a study sponsored by the Center for Egg Nutrition in the United States. The research also claims information from the Egg Nutrition Center without specifying that the institute is a sponsor. This causes the research results to be biased. There are hidden commercial benefits. and not reliable enough

Strengthen brain development.

 This is because eggs contain choline , which when combined with phospholipid fatty acids, (Phospholipid) is formed into lecithin. Which is an important part of brain growth and development. Therefore, it is believed that eggs may help strengthen brain function. Especially in young children

There is also research that recommends that pregnant mothers eat foods rich in choline to improve memory development and brain growth of their babies. Foods that are high in this substance that mothers can choose to eat are beef liver (contains 418 mg of choline/100 g), chicken liver (contains 290 mg of choline/100 g), and chicken eggs (contains choline. 251 mg/100 g)