‘Cesc’ points out that the Arsenal must find a striker

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Cesc Fabregas has pointed out that Arsenal must have a top striker who can guarantee goals for the club if they want to get closer to the title.

The Gunners finished second in the Premier League last season. Just passed They are only two points behind Manchester City, the championship team, with a total of 91 goals. Even though they don’t have any top scorers in the team.

Their leading scorer is Bukayo Saka, who is eighth in the race for the Premier League Golden Boot. But in comparison, Erling Haaland, who has scored 27 goals for City this season, is also winning the boot. This season’s gold was won for the second time in a row.

In addition, Phil Foden also scored more goals than Arsenal’s strikers, forward Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah, who scored in total. Can hold only 9 doors.

Although Kai Havertz, on the other hand, has been used as a false nine and has performed well. Fabregas believes Arsenal need a new striker to join the team.

“I think it’s funny because on the day we watched both teams at the same time. You think and say, ‘Wow Man City, they’ve got two teams that are good enough to win the Premier League,’” he told ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app Sounds’ Planet Premier League

. This is so much. For me it is a very small matter. Yes, they need depth in their squad to keep the pressure on them in the title race. And will not have to rely too much on Saka, Rice, or Partey, or on Saliba as well.”

“But from my point of view, Havertz has done a good job. a lot Even though he doesn’t play in his preferred position. He’s had a great season.”

“But if Arsenal grab a top striker who guarantees them 30 goals per season, At that time they will be closer to the championship.”