Liverpool just made a miracle comeback to beat Fulham 4-3 last Sunday

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Liverpool just made a miracle comeback to beat Fulham 4-3 last Sunday.

this match they will travel to visit Sheffield United, who are in the relegation zone and are trying hard to revive their situation by installing a new manager. Report from ufabet

which Liverpool will visit Sheffield United on Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, local time. He thinks the Reds’ recent form will help them win over their rivals, who recently appointed Chris Wilder as their new manager today (December 5).

“Jurgen Klopp has to continue to perform well in the Premier League. He always puts a strong team on the pitch and can get results. But when visiting a team like Luton Town, they unfortunately dropped points. They must try not to be like that again. We have to find a way to manage our playing form away from home.”

“Trent Alexander-Arnold The best passer in the Premier League when you need a goal and win the ball many times. You have to push him up into midfield. I don’t think he’s the best defender in the world. But when he has the ball with him Few people are as skilled as him.”

“If Liverpool is in top form I don’t think they will have any problems. In Sunday’s home game, they were not in good form but still managed to come through. They need to hurry and manage a team like this within the first 20 minutes of the match.”

“Sheffield will try and fight their best in this game. But I don’t think they can do it. They’ve been beaten by teams before. I can’t see anything other than Liverpool winning.”

Merson predicts the score: Sheffield United 0-3 Liverpool.